Hair Colors

Achieve the perfect hair color with these swatches. Draw or colorize the perfect hair color from these RGB Decimal/Hexadecimal values. For more realistic coloring, try using a combination of colors. You can also change the values and see the result.
RGB consists of three numbers separated by a comma. The represent the amount of Red, Green, and Blue (respectively) in the color; and they range from 0 to 255.
Hexadecimal (hex) starts with a hash symbol "#" and has no commas. It contains three, two digit "numbers," ranging from "00" to "FF". The order of colors in a hex code, is also Red Green Blue.

Description RGB HEX Color
Off Black
Dark Gray
Medium Gray
Light Gray
Platinum Blonde
Bleached Blonde
White Blonde
Light Blonde
Golden Blonde
Ash Blonde
Honey Blonde
Strawberry Blonde
Light Red
Dark Red
Light Auburn
Dark Auburn
Dark Brown
Golden Brown
Medium Brown
Chestnut Brown
Light Brown
Ash Brown